Chicago Neighbors – The Dodgy’s first Chicago home was on Medill Street just down the block from Mickey’s Tavern. Here are just a few black-and-whites from the neighborhood. The first one features Pearl and Russian Annie. Pearl is a die-hard White Sox fan who can drink me, you, and anyone else under the table and off the block. Russian Annie was foul-mouthed, funny, and someone I helped walk home from the bar during a formidable Chicago snowstorm. In between them is not Bob, I don’t think, but I called him that because he was always tending bar at Bob Inn, a tavern just down the street on Fullerton across from the Fireside Bowl. The other guy I’m not sure. A soap dodger, I suppose.

Chicago neighborhood pic - Bucktown

Russian Annie and Pearl, with guy not named Bob in the middle and some other totter.

Next up is Elmer, the bartender at Mickey’s. I spent many a night helping him stock the bar. Poured a pint once in awhile too. Guinness, shimmess, I pour a fine Old Style.

Elmer the bartender at Mickey's in Bucktown

Elmer the bartender

Next up is guy not named Bob again, this time talking story with Hippie Man at the Bucktown Arts Fest.

Bucktown Arts Fest

Bob Inn guy and Hippie Man talking story at the Bucktown Arts Fest.

Queens of Bucktown, Chicago

Russian Annie and Pearl, Queens of Bucktown

And just for kicks…not long after these pics were taken I ventured on what would be the first of several trips to New Orleans.

New Orleans musicians

New Orleans musicians

Note: New pics won’t be looking so dodgy, as we’ve acquired a pro Canon DSLR that takes swell video as well. So there. Also, just finished interviewing best-selling author Michael Perry. The piece will be posted Wednesday night, Jan. 30. Cheers.