I’m getting sick of Morrissey, who’s been in the news lately for canceling an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live because the Duck Dynasty stars were on the same episode and the vegetarian’s  concert at L.A.’s Staple Center will not allow meat products to be sold. Who eats meat at a concert anyway? Shame on Moz for not having the balls to do Kimmel’s show, which really didn’t require balls to do anyway. The Duck Dynasty cast, who probably never heard of Morrissey, certainly didn’t give a shit a veggie was on the show. They win (and boy did they – the ratings for their A&E show skyrocketed after the singing animal rights activist quit the show).

Who eats meat at a concert anyway?

Way to think of your fans, Morrissey, those who maybe wanted to see you perform on Kimmel and don’t have the opportunity to see you live. What’s really dodgy is I bet Morrissey has no problem selling his music to meat-eaters. I guess he has no problem taking their money. And what about the stupid picture below, from The Hollywood Reporter article, that shows Moz with a cat on his head. There should be a cow up there instead.


I wish that was a cow on his head (photo THR)

Morrissey sure looks a bit pudgy for a vegetarian (a stereotype, I know). And maybe the guy should eat meat. It seems like he’s always canceling concerts for health issues.

I’m a fan of The Smiths and Morrissey’s music. Heck, “Irish Blood, English Heart” is practically my theme song. And I once had an intimate moment once with this gal Wendy, a college professor, with the underrated “Roy’s Keen” in the background. It’s one of my favorite Moz songs and and it’s embarrassing to leave it off the remastered album of its origin, Maladjusted.

“Irish Blood, English Heart” is practically my theme song

I do eat meat, but I’m trying to cut back, especially on red meat. If only to have a better bathroom experience. I love animals and I’m eating more veggies – but not because of anything Morrissey does or sings. But Frankly, Mr. Shankly, Morrissey should not have bowed out on Kimmel. Based on his reasoning he shouldn’t appear in any concerts if say, one of the venue’s staff members hunts or enjoys an occasional Big Mac. I’m pretty sure David Letterman like ham, but he does that show. Those Duck Dynasty guys on Kimmel? Morrissey, it was really nothing.