Animal stories were the big headlines for the two major news sites serving the Chicago suburb of Northwest Indiana. One was about the discovery of nesting eagles at a local lake. The other…the Indiana animal rapist strikes again. Serial rapist-murderer of animals, I guess you could call Mr. Michael Bessigano. This is a sick story I probably won’t keep on the site very long, but think others should know about. It hasn’t been reported widely, and its news I’m surprised has yet to make U.K.’s Daily Mail Online – which seems to thrive on this sort of thing.

The gory details are in the stories – I’ll highlight a few here – but the main reason I’m intrigued by this disgust is the final sentence in one of the articles. I’ll get to that later.

Police found a bestiality pornography, a large rubber wolf mask, and an altar surrounded by candles.

This ass clown, Bessigano, first made news a few years ago for having sex with a chicken, and then killing it,  in a Valparaiso, Ind., motel room. Even Norman Bates found that disturbing.

He spent 33 months in a federal prison for downloading bestiality pornography. Bestiality pornography. Is there such a thing as bestiality pictures that aren’t pornography? I wonder if he had any Instagram followers.

Bessigano’s latest animal act occurred Friday when he sexually abused and killed a guinea fowl at an Indiana county park. Police found feathers from the bird in his home. Now he’s back in lock-up. Hopefully to stay. A lot of people nowadays in Chicagoland have concern about their pets being attacked by coyotes. Let’s not have them worry about a naked man with a hard-on roaming after their Rottweilers.

The most interesting part of one of the articles came in the last sentence: “Bessigano also inspired a state law making sex with animals illegal.”

So at one time a Hoosier could expect to have intercourse with a furry friend without the law hassling them. But at the same time, they couldn’t (and still can’t) purchase alcohol at a store on Sundays. Because that would be immoral.