Gary, Indiana, is right next to Chicago. It’s known for Michael Jackson and as one of the most burned up, blighted cities in the country. It’s held the title as the Murder Capitol of the U.S. in the past, and although its population has dwindled, I believe it still ranks right up there, as that figure is determined by murders per number of residents. So far this year there have been 31 murders in Gary. And it’s only about 23 miles from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, where most of the city’s murder and violence take place.

I drove through Gary this past Saturday afternoon, down its main street, Broadway. I had my camera with me and decided to take some pictures on and around Broadway. I took about 30 minutes and for these photos didn’t leave my Jeep. By no means am I a professional photographer, and I missed some great opportunities, including a large pit bull in the back of a pick-up next to me that, to keep it from lunging at other drivers, was connected to  a series of chains that resembled something from the Thunderdome in that Mad Max film. But here they are.

21st and Broadway

53rd and Broadway

Gary, Indiana alley

Garage near 6th and Broadway

Gary, Indiana photo

6th and Broadway. Gary Housing Authority.

Broadway in Gary, Indiana

Around 7th and Broadway

old cars in Gary, Indiana

Old cars in a lot around 51st and Broadway

Roy Boy's in Gary

The re-opening of the famous Roy Boy’s tattoo shop at 3844 Broadway

Abandoned building, Gary, Indiana

Area of 21st and Broadway – Abandoned Home

53rd and Broadway. Gary's 29th murder took place outside here where the manager of the place was shot in the head

53rd and Broadway. Earlier in July Gary’s 29th murder took place outside here where the manager of the place was shot in the head.

Gary, Indiana photo series

6th and Broadway. Folks chilling across the street from the GHA.