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Running of the Bullshit

Posted on July 12, 2013

I have zero sympathy for anyone hurt while participating in the Spanish Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona. None. Absolutely none. I don’t know if these people sign a waiver before they participate, but it probably begins: I ________ am an asshole. OK? Take this muck. And this girl. She’s getting quite the grab ass. No sympathy for you. None. I wonder if any other assholes had their pants removed by a bull. What kind of kinky sex is this clown into anyway? Think of the stress these animals must go through with this. I’m gonna add this to “Things I’d Never Do.” Skydive Parasail Hot Air Ballooning Be a White Girl at Holi Running of the Bulls They have something like this…

In Mexico I’m Tom Cruise

Posted on July 7, 2013

Funny thing about Mexico, it’ll always be there – Dylan McKay “Beverly Hills 90210″ Just before college I took a journey to Play del Carmen, Mexico. “Down the block from Cancun” I called it. I never heard of the place until then. Almost everyone I knew never heard of it. We all knew Cancun. So what the hell was I doing? A relative of mine had the foresight to start investing in property in Playacar. He saw it as the next Cancun, which shortly after my visit it started to become. He gave me the use of a condo he owned near the beach in what I think was a hotel too. When I got off the plane I was the only one who…

I Don’t Have Any Comet

Posted on July 5, 2013

The other day a neighbor asked me if I had any Comet. “No,” I said. “What are you, an asshole?” This is a “coming soon” post. At some point later on Sunday I’ll explain why I’m Tom Cruise in Mexico. Plus a little pre-Katrina New Orleans experience The Dodgy had. Also on the way: Movies We’ll Never See and Having a Pee. And a special writing excerpt. It’s from something that I’ll say has a little mix of the following: Lost, Wizard of Oz, Brave, and Pan’s Labyrinth. In the meantime…a playlist. What The Dodgy has been listening to. “Hurricane” – MS MR “This Disorder” – The Features “Miss You” – Trentemoller “Naked” – Sera Cahoone “Your Life Your Call” – Junip