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Six Movies That Should Be Made But Probably Won’t

Posted on December 2, 2013

There are so many movies that should have never been made. Then there are movies that should be made, but probably won’t. Here are six of them. A sequel to The Brothers McMullen. The Brothers McMullen director/writer/star Edward Burns planned to do a follow-up to that 1995 gem, one of my personal favorites, and it seemed to be getting on track until October when Burns tweeted that he “threw out” the sequel idea because he didn’t like any ideas of where the characters would be after 20 years. Instead, he plans to do a prequel, which is fine, but it means we won’t see that Irish-American chemistry between the McMullen Brothers – Burns, Mike McGlone, and that other guy – from the original movie.…

12 Days of Christmas for the Guy

Posted on November 27, 2013

This is written several years ago (before The Dodgy) as a companion piece to a “12 Days of Christmas for the Girl.” Can’t locate  the gal version, but in comparison her final total in dollars for the 12 days of gifts was in the millions.   I’m easy, I don’t need much. Some of the stuff on the original list sounds kind of annoying. Twelve drummers drumming? Too noisy. Four calling birds? My friend has a bird, and it bit me. There certainly is a lot of wildlife in that original list. Here is mine: On the first day of Christmas, Santa gave to me: A true love. You need one to really do this. Then, from here on, she can provide me with next 11 days’…

Holy “Mama” – An Interview with Javier Botet

Posted on November 22, 2013

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is keeping Javier Botet pretty busy these days. Earlier this year the Spanish actor played “Mama” alongside arguably the No. 1 actress in Hollywood today, Jessica Chastain, in Mama, which was produced by del Toro.  Botet is currently part of two new del Toro projects. The film Crimson Peak reunites him with Chastain and also stars Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunham. The other is del Toro’s upcoming television series The Strain. How did you come to be in Mama? I was in Fantastic Fest in Austin introducing REC2 (a movie Botet is in) and I met (Mama director) Andy Muschietti. He proposed me to be Mama. How was it working with Guillermo del Toro?  Last week I was again in Toronto (the place we…