The first words out of my mouth when Anne Hathaway walked onstage at the Oscars were “Jesus Christ.”

I think it’s appropriate because Anne Hathaway’s hair is dead. I knew her hair was dying, for almost two years now, since she chopped it off for Les Miserables. Which is French for “My hair is miserable.” But I know it was official when I saw her standing side-by-side by Jared Leto. Who is prettier?

Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway image

How cool would it be if Anne’s hair was as long as Jared’s.

Anne cut her hair in what, 2012? Does it really take that long to grow back? Is she cutting it again? Sandra Bullock didn’t cut her hair for Gravity.  She wore a short wig and it was back to its beautiful long self at the Oscars. I know Anne’s latest film is Song One but I don’t see where that called for an actress to have an unattractive pixie cut. I get ripped on from gal friends for picking on pixie cuts but can anyone honestly say Short Hair Anne is more attractive than Long Hair Anne?

Anne-Hathaway-Hair 3

Love and Other Drugs and Long Hair

In Love and Other Drugs Anne’s character had a serious health issue. But it wasn’t her hair.

Remember her hair in The Dark Knight Rises which wasn’t that long ago?

Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises image

Anne Hathaway Hair The Dodgy imageI’m going to write and direct a film that calls for the heroine to have long hair because it’s central to the plot. And I’ll try to cast Anne so maybe this will get fixed.

Anne Hathaway Hair image

I cried too when this happened Anne. I cried too.