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City Babes

Posted on April 25, 2014

Cora Benesh and Jillian Leigh co-star in the new film City Baby. Produced by Benesh, who co-wrote it with director David Morgan, City Baby follows Cloey (Benesh) and her friend Paige (Leigh) during a summer in Portland when both twenty-somethings face life-changing decisions. The film is now available on VOD and iTunes. The Dodgy spoke with Cora and Jillian about the film, guys, beer, dates, what kind of band they would be and more.  What made you want to do City Baby? Cora: Morgan and I met and wanted to work on a project together. We both had a few unfinished scripts but writing this one together seemed to make the most sense. We also love Portland and wanted to showcase the city the way…

Ms. Weregun

Posted on April 16, 2014

A Strange Chicago Neighbor Late last summer I was sitting on my porch enjoying a glass of beer when I had to move over and make room for a coffin to get by.  That’s right, emerging from the front door of my apartment building was a silver and black casket carried by two muscular, yet feminine-looking boys wearing daisy duke shorts. Now ordinarily you might think this is strange. But not when you live where I do. Not when your neighbor on the third floor of your three flat is Ms. Weregun.  The boys loaded the coffin in a truck and said goodbye to Ms. Weregun, who was now standing behind me.  “Hey Larry, I got something for you,” she said.  “It’s Liffey.”  “You…

Coming Soon to The Dodgy: Strange Frat, Assholes, Ms. Weregun, and City Babes

Posted on April 9, 2014

In no particular order of appearance, here’s what’s coming to The Dodgy The Young Martens Life, love, and death within a college (secret) fraternity. The Asshole Book Club Part 3 The assholes got together again recently with two new additions. Things happened. Ms. Weregun It’s not every day, and not very normal, when you see a coffin being carried out of your three-flat apartment building by three buff boys in daisy duke shorts. Unless you live in my building and your upstairs neighbor is Ms. Weregun. (Now Up!) City Babes An interview with actresses Cora Benesh and Jillian Leigh on their new well-received indie film City Baby. The typical Dodgy interview where we find out things like if the duo was a band, what…