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December at a Chicago Dive Bar

Posted on December 23, 2016

  Last weekend Chicago was greeted with a winter blast. I attended a holiday party in Bucktown. Due to the lack of debauchery myself and a few friends headed over to Bob Inn in Logan Square (some say it’s in “West Bucktown”). Across the street from the legendary Fireside Bowl. I’m not a Bob Inn expert. I’ve been there about a dozen times over the last few years. It’s been featured in some of my writings. But it’s an elegant dive bar. And dive bars like this add to the atmosphere when they decorate for the holidays. It’s a good place for some entertaining asides. Once I met a cute punky girl there named Chloe who had silver and green hair and told me…

Liffey at Murphy’s Bleachers

Posted on November 24, 2016

I took a break from writing and drinking on the Saturday after the Cubs won the World Series to visit Murphy’s Bleachers, across from Wrigley Field, where I did a little writing and some drinking. Here’s a few pics from that day. More Dodgy stuff coming soon.


Aidan at the Warpaint show

Posted on October 18, 2016

Aidan was late to the Warpaint show. “I had to deliver fucking paint,” he said. Thalia Hall, Sept. 30, in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Warpaint on tour in support of their new album “Heads Up.” I was there first. After a few trips up and down 18th Street I found a free parking space just a few blocks away from the hall in front of a liquor store called “Trebxl Liquor’s.” At least that’s what the sign said. Apparently they have low prices and only accept cash, and have interesting spelling. As I was walking past the alley next to Dusek’s Board and Beer, which is in the front of Thalia Hall, I could hear the sounds of Warpaint’s “Undertow.” I was running late because…

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