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Coming Next: Aidan at the Warpaint show

Posted on October 13, 2016

Aidan at the Warpaint show (or “I had to deliver fucking paint”) Aidan and I attended the Warpaint show a few weeks ago at beautiful Thalia Hall in Pilsen. Aidan talks about the show and why he was late, as do I (another run-in with neighbor Mrs. Weregun) in the next post that should be up this weekend. Meanwhile, I continue work on the book “The Dodgy.”   

The Serbian Girl with Green Underwear

Posted on August 31, 2016

I met a cute Japanese girl who liked IPAs who said her mom was one of the screaming fans at the famous Cheap Trick at Budokan concert. I walked her out of my apartment where my upstairs neighbor, Miss Weregun, was outside shaking out a hand vacuum. Whatever was coming out of it kept blowing back in her face. She was swearing at it, saying things like “You fuck.” She looked at me and Samira. “Wipe that ass off your face,” she said. I don’t  know who Miss Weregun directed that comment to, it probably could have been correct either way. This was in June. Later that night I went to a festival on Division Street (“Do Division”). It’s one of those fests where…

Writing and Drinking in Pilsen

Posted on July 25, 2016

Last week I did some lunchtime writing, drinking, and eating (for the book version of this site) outside at the patio at Dusek’s Board & Beer in Pilsen. That was me, the pale, handsome, Irish-American guy walking down 18th Street holding journals in one hand and holding up my belt-less jeans with the other. They were falling down, what can I say? I met a pretty Chinese girl from Bridgeport at Dusek’s. She had nice arms and a perfect handwriting (and drawing skills). More on that in a future post. Anyway, I came across this little chain link fence art display while there. Actually it looks like a memorial of some sort. More stories and interviews coming very soon (latest essay is right around…