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A CHI.P.A. at Byway Brewing

Posted on February 4, 2017

During breaks between working on the “The Dodgy” book, it’s great to tackle writer’s block and other book-related planning by visiting Chicagoland breweries. Recently it was Hammond, Indiana’s Byway Brewing. I can’t recommend enough a pint of their Chicago-named beer, CHI.P.A. There’s also a hotel right next door if you want to get your love on.  Anyway, a new blog post/essay is coming soon and I’m going to pick up the interview series soon. Cheers.

Liffey at Murphy’s Bleachers

Posted on November 24, 2016

I took a break from writing and drinking on the Saturday after the Cubs won the World Series to visit Murphy’s Bleachers, across from Wrigley Field, where I did a little writing and some drinking. Here’s a few pics from that day. More Dodgy stuff coming soon.


Writing and Drinking in Pilsen

Posted on July 25, 2016

Last week I did some lunchtime writing, drinking, and eating (for the book version of this site) outside at the patio at Dusek’s Board & Beer in Pilsen. That was me, the pale, handsome, Irish-American guy walking down 18th Street holding journals in one hand and holding up my belt-less jeans with the other. They were falling down, what can I say? I met a pretty Chinese girl from Bridgeport at Dusek’s. She had nice arms and a perfect handwriting (and drawing skills). More on that in a future post. Anyway, I came across this little chain link fence art display while there. Actually it looks like a memorial of some sort. More stories and interviews coming very soon (latest essay is right around…