Fourth of July parades in Northwest Indiana. Where else can you find clowns, school bands, politicians (insert clown joke), tractors, cheerleaders, war veterans, school bands, horses, and Bob’s Heating and Air?

Crown Point Clown

At the parade in Crown Point you can also find beer. Now I was unable to hit all the region parades but in Crown Point you can watch the Shriners and their little cars (and big men) while downing a beer or two or three in the outside dining area at Tequila Si Cantina. Not quite the Go-Cup of New Orleans but close enough. $2 got you a cup of Lite. Parade beer.

Crown Point parade view from Tequila Si's

Two new parade rules according to me:

No politicians unless they are willing to dress up as a clown or a character from Wizard of Oz or the old Batman TV show.

If you’re gonna have a car or truck in the parade for a business it must be decorated. Maybe not quite like a French whore house on Christmas Eve but a little more than slapping a magnetic sign on the door with little Timmy or Susie waving from the back seat.