Lots of riff around the region about what to call it’s  fine citizens. You mostly hear it in the media, and maybe some wank dive bar in Hammond. “Region Rats” is the most popular moniker.

I won’t get into the history of that. You can look it up. It supposedly has good connotations, but a rat is a rat. I think Region Rats I think smelly, puss-faced politicians. Or “The Departed” comes to mind, when Jackie-boy tells Leon he “smells a rat.”

"I smell a region rat"


Now apparently some wank wants to oust Region Rat and replace it with Regionnaire. Yea, I’m not the first to say it sounds like a serious affliction. Meh on that.

“Hoosiers” I suppose, is too state wide. This is a suburb of Chicago, Northwest Indiana is. Or it’s own small little state. Since no one  in Chicago or the rest of Indiana will have you us.

You see it’s easy in Dublin. I find “Dubliners” quite swell. There’s a few others not worth going into.

Really, who gives a shite what the Indianars are called in this corner of the state. I have different names for a variety of folks around here. Some have popped up in this blog, or will I’m sure.

"Welcome to Northwest Indiana"