You don’t realize how lame Chicagoland radio is until you travel around the country. It’s really pathetic that this major city has such crappy radio. To say WXRT is the best in the city is like saying it’s the cleanest toilet at a Speedway gas station.

Out of touch? Tired, old? It’s like they don’t know what’s cool to play anymore. Here’s an example:

More than likely, when you hear an INXS song on ‘xrt it’s going to be the tired “Devil Inside” or “Suicide Blonde.”  How about digging a little deeper into the catalogue with “Original Sin” or “Kiss the Dirt” ???

And I really believe I hear the same Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin songs over and over.

‘xrt ain’t much more than a slightly hipper top 40/classic rock station.

Take a glance at their extended playlists and you’ll see what I mean. Or just listen for a while. Sure they throw in a gem or two but really, it’s rare.

I think they play Cracker’s “Low” at least every other day. If it’s Depeche Mode it’s most likely “Personal Jesus” or “Policy of Truth.”

One of the finest songs in the past few years is Liam Finn’s “Second Chance.” If ‘xrt ever played it, it was on New Music Thursday or New Noise at Nine (the two best listening periods for the station). But nah, they’ll spin “You’re All I Got Tonight” by The Cars for the zillionth time.

What ‘xrt should be is Radio Free Santa Fe. I caught this station while driving through New Mexico and now listen to it stream online on a regular basis.

Just the other day I heard them play Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” and Depeche Mode’s “Walking in My Shoes.”

Isn’t it unfair that the ears of Chicagoans aren’t treated to such music delight?

And what the feck is this?? On St. Pats, they’re big listening party featured the music by the great Irish artist Matisyahu.

Are you kidding me?? And the year before that I believe it was a Blues band.

Thank feck there’s Internet radio and Sirius and such. ‘xrt, you’re tired. Get some sleep and WAKE UP.

Update: A few hours ago I heard Terri Hemmert call the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song she just played “Adventures of Rain Dance Molly.” It’s Maggie. MAGGIE!