The non-stop Christmas music continues on 93.9 “The Holiday Lite” and Z107. (EDIT 12/12 – WXRT has begun it’s “Holiday Nights” where now through Christmas they play an eclectic mix of Christmas tunes from 8-midnight).

As expected, and already written, The Lite continues to play what seems like the same 15-20 songs over and over. Guess what Lite? There are a lot more versions of Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night.”

Does anyone remember Groban when he was on Ally McBeal? I think Ally’s character went to his prom as his date.

Anyway…Z107 continues to play a strong variety, although they do tend to repeat some of the same songs a lot. But I have to give them credit – whatever stream they’re getting the music from includes “Carol of the Bells” by The Bird and the Bee. It’s about the only time you’ll hear The Bird and the Bee on any station in Chicagoland.

Z107 has been playing cuts from The Holiday Cafe CD, including one of my favorites, “Maybe Next Year” by Meiko.

I also don’t get tired of Everything But The Girl’s “25th December” and (new!) Jack Johson’s “In The Morning.”

I’m a sucker for Enya (Irish!) so I love hearing her haunting (aren’t they all?) “Ghosts of Christmas Past.”

Z also plays cuts from the She & Him Christmas album. Well done.

And who can ever get enough of Low’s “Just Like Christmas” ??