I’m not a beer expert. They are out there though, those who dissect every ingredient, smell, taste, aftertaste and whatnot about everything beer. I do usually scan through their blogs and websites about the best beers and I do so this time of year especially to check out what’s up with the Christmas beers.

Some of those I’ve read about/drunk are Sam Smith’s Winter Ale Welcome, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Avery Old Jubilation Ale, Anchor Christmas Ale and something I think called Samichlaus. The list goes on.

But what I brought the other day is New Orleans’ Abita Christmas Ale. I’ve long had an affinity for New Orleans and I enjoy it’s locally brewed beer (and Hand Grenades, but that’s another story).

Gettin' drinky with New Orleans' Abita Christmas Ale

I brought some to a Christmas party at a friend’s place in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood the other night. And here’s where the fashion part of this post comes through. You could tell you’re at a party in Chicago, as opposed to Indiana, by the way guests dress. There were a wide variety of people types at this thing (the host is a college professor). Academic types, hipster dudes and gals, older men, Indian men, a black guy, some white-haired women, a really cool pro-peace Vietnam Veteran, barflys, a guy named Norm who bowls (and had a KILLER shirt from Farm and Fleet) and so on.

I should have took pics. Next time. I read a lot of fashion blogs and they always have pics from these parties and soirees.

Anyway, I was admiring everyone’s shoes, shirts, pants, ponytails, boots, ties, wrist-wear, vests, skirts (oo-la!) and this cat that had a really cool collar.

I’d like to say I blended in quite well. I love, love my trusted Doc Martens. And my hat (one of many). Pics soon.

I’ll be going to a few more Christmas parties and will have a wrap up of them before the 25th. My goal to is to share one of my Christmas Ales with a beautiful lass. There’s something sexy about a pretty gal holding and drinking a pint or bottle of beer.

Bye the way, ‘xrt just played “Come On Santa” by the Raveonettes. Well done.