When I was a wee I heard my dad often refer to my aunt as “The Fly.” It didn’t dawn on me until later when I realized it was because she always wore these giant oval glasses that turned into shades in the sun. “The Fly.”  Big-ass sunglasses.

Stunna shades.

They’re everywhere. I’m not sure when this came into vogue, these huge, big-assed sunglasses. When they did I probably thought to myself, ‘ah…this won’t last.” Oh but was I wrong. They’ve thrived.

I’ve gotten used to it. A beautiful gal is a beautiful gal. I just sometimes hate to see that face all covered up with plastic and darkness.

So how about this?

Or this? She’s smokin’ in more ways than one.

She's smokin'

Finally, gotta love a gal in wayfarers

Why yes, I do enjoy your specs

I’ll take any of those three over this