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Porta Potty Blues

Posted on June 17, 2012

It’s summer, so they’re out. Mosquitoes, plastic beer cups, good bare legs, bad bare legs, and porta pottys. Those big, plastic shitboxes are surrounding summer festivals everywhere. I like to call them Blues. Sure some are green, or grey, but most I’ve seen are blue.  I’m sure everyone has a porta potty story, whether it happened inside or outside of one. I was hit on by a drunken high school girls softball coach as we waited in line for one. And who hasn’t walked into one occupied ’cause the asshat in there forgot to turn the latch to “red?”  Then again, how many of those maybe did that purposely. Lots of pervs out there. Getting away from the porta potty for a minute, but…

You’ll Never Beat the Irish…Well, Maybe

Posted on June 14, 2012

Mixed bag Thursday. A new interview on the horizon. More on that later in the post. But first…

There are some really creative titles of fashion blogs out there in the sphere. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

  • Smells Like Fashion
  • Beauty in Insanity
  • Grand Theft Thrift
  • Clothe the Tiger
  • A Pair and A Square
  • Can You Pass The Glitter?
  • High-Stiched Voice

Game of Thrones ~ It’s been on for two seasons now. The character names are wondrous. Think anyone has named their babies after one of them? Here’s my list of the best female character names on the show. It almost sounds like a bunch of gals auditioning for Celtic Woman or a sort like that.

  • Cersei
  • Arya
  • Daenerys
  • Sansa
  • Shae
  • Doreah
  • Osha
  • Ros

Random Fashion Pic ~ Awhile back I poked fun of the cheerleading uniforms of one Valparaiso University. I mean, they’re brown. But it looks better for softball, I think, as evident of this pic I took once of one of the players. I like the belt. Looks old-school baseball.

Euro 2012 ~ I’m not an expert at this football. I prefer to watch only surrounded by sporty drunks in Chicago bars. But this song, The Rocky Road to Poland, was recorded as the official theme for the Republic of Ireland team. It’s your typical, Irish, sing-along drinky-drinky song. I like it. “You’ll Never Beat the Irish” is one of the best lines in it. But…it seems you can beat them. Not doing so well. I guess it literally is a rocky road even once your in Poland.  But the song is sorta cool.

The New Interview ~ The next interview for The Dodgy is an accomplished composer whose music was featured in New York, I Love You and in Gimme the Loot, the Grand Jury Prize winner at SXSW 2012. Look for it next week.

She’s a Bangle or a Go-Go

Posted on June 10, 2012

A dude in my apartment building once said he used to place women he dated in one of two categories: She was either a “Bangle” or a “Go-Go.” He said you can easily make the distinction, based on their look and attitude. Looking at those all-gal bands and knowing some of their music, I sort of have to agree. The question is, can that be done today? With different girl bands? It’s not just about the look, but the musical attitude. Can I do that with Wild Flag and Warpaint? I don’t know. Maybe? A future post comes about navigating a good run on Chicago’s lakefront. But for now here’s the most recent iPod running list for The Dodgy. Blue Sky Mine ~ Midnight…

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