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Zombies, Canada, Heartland, Music, and Beer

Posted on June 28, 2012

Just wrapped up an interview with beautiful and talented actress Michelle Morgan. Canadians know and lover her from that hit TV show Heartland. Americans who’ve discovered it (CW, Netflix) love it too. She also got to play the lead in a George Romero zombie film, Diary of the Dead. You might have seen her in an episode of The L Word, too, among other things. I told Michelle that I think she holds a great distinction amongst actors. She’s portrayed one of the few survivors of a Romero “Dead” film and she’s done the deed with Shane on L Word. She loves music and tells me her beer of choice (at least for that moment). I’m saving the official pic for the interview post…

I Kissed Gabby In This Park

Posted on June 24, 2012

I kissed Gabby in this park…and she broke my heart.

This isn’t my handiwork. I knew a Gabby in high school, but we never kissed, nor did we talk to each other. I saw this heartbreaking piece of graffiti the other night. I feel your pain, mystery author. I too, kissed a girl in Ann Sather Garden. Her name was Callie and it was just before she returned to the UK. She called me an asshole after the kiss but hoped to see me again. I want to find this author and hear his (or her) story. I want to know more about Gabby.

The L Word – The Movie

Posted on June 21, 2012

I just like how that looks.  The L Word – The Movie. Weren’t there rumours about it? I think so? C’mon llene, make it happen. News came out last week that HBO is considering a Bored to Death movie. And that ladies and gentlemen, we raise a pint to. I’m a big fan of the show and was looking forward to a fourth season. But I’ll take a 90 minute “Bored” film. I also wish that consideration was given to several other shows no longer on the air. So that leads to another feckin’ list. Shows The Dodgy wants to see made into a 90 minute film, a la Bored to Death. The first one is obvious, at least to me. It’s cancellation was…

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