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Shades of Colleen Green

Posted on July 30, 2012

  When I chose to seek out Colleen Green for an interview in anticipation of her upcoming tour, which includes Chicago’s Empty Bottle on Sept. 18, I had no idea what a rocket pack of fun and interest she would be. Maybe I did. I have a way of picking them. And Green intrigued me the moment I received a Bottle email promoting her show.  So Green obliged The Dodgy with an exclusive interview. Musically, Green has been described many ways. But if someone asked her to describe her music she’d say it’s a cross between the Ramones and the Tom Tom Club. “Or I would say it sounds like the Ramones with a drum machine or something like that,” Green says. Green recorded…

Chicago Misconceptions

Posted on July 21, 2012

A few Chicago misconceptions Windy City Some jackhole will tell you Chicago is known as the Windy City not for weather-related reasons, but something to do with wind-bag politicians and their bellowing hot air. Bullshit. Bollocks. It’s the Windy City ’cause it’s feckin’ windy. As in weather. I’ve been to most major cities. I’ve run my arse off in most major cities. And Chicago by far is the windiest. Cubs fans vs. White Sox fans Another jackhole will tell you that you can be a fan of the Chicago Cubs or the Chicago White Sox, but not both. Well, that’s bullshit. You can be a fan of both. Sure, you can root for one or the other when they play each other. But to…

Random Acts of Dodgy

Posted on July 15, 2012

Random Acts of Dodgy Found an Irish running shirt. I run, it’s that breathable wicky shite, so I shall get it. So there. Gals, if you see me running my arse off in this shirt…you know I”m up for a pint or two afterwards. Colleen Green It’s pretty locked up that the next interview on The Dodgy will be singer/musician Colleen Green. I can’t tell you enough what a bag of good that is. She is one interesting rocker chick. And she writes a comic book to boot! She’s playing Empty Bottle here in Chicago on Sept. 18. Staying on the subject of indie music, I came across The Lounge Ax “Defense & Relocation” CD.  Back from when the city of Chicago shit on…