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Tim Doyle Entertains Me

Posted on March 28, 2013

I have no idea when it’s on, and I don’t watch it, but there’s a cable show in Chicago called “Sports Talk Live.” Last week its guests included Tim Doyle of the Big Ten Network and Comcast Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill. There was an argument during the show about a Bulls call and what followed was a case of violent grab ass as Gill ended up punching Doyle in the hallway afterwards. Gill has been suspended from his job. Doyle has not. And some people have been critical of Doyle…the Doyle haters are out there. One ChicagoNow blogger compares Doyle to one of those people who make you wonder “how do they have a job?” Basically he calls Doyle “bland/boring and “annoying/irritating.” He also criticizes…

Charlie Manson’s Cell Phone

Posted on March 27, 2013

A follower of imprisoned douchebag killer Charles Manson tried to smuggle a cell phone to him the other day. Apparently this has happened before, successfully, and resulted in Charlie texting a bunch of people. My friend and I riffed online about what those texts could say, why Mr. Manson would want a phone, or just random thoughts. Hello, Charlie? Is that you? Wait. Let me put you on speaker. I wonder if he has the T-Mobile 5 friends plan. I hope he doesn’t butt dial. Hello? Yes I will kill for you. I think he just wants to make some Jerky Boys-style crank calls (“I’ll wrap your head in a wrench”). Is your refrigerator running? Well chase it down and stab it to death!…

The Oar

Posted on March 24, 2013

Once upon a time I helped Chicago recluse author Clive Javanski move some stuff into a storage room at a facility around Ashland and Armitage. And I found an oar. I was reminded of the oar after previewing the upcoming interview with “Two Girls and a Boat.” Clive let me keep the big wooden oar. It wasn’t his. Someone must have left it in the room, or little garage thing. I didn’t really have a need for it, but I wanted it. I would add it to the decor of my home. Then I kind of forgot about it after a move or two, and it ended up in my own storage – whether that meant the laundry room corner of my 3-flat, the…