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Irish Week

Posted on March 11, 2013

Irish Week in Chicago usually begins with the South Side Irish Parade, which is the Sunday before St. Pat’s, and continues with various city-wide festivities leading up the the actual holiday. This year is extra special because St. Pat’s falls on a Sunday – so it’s a full seven days of revelry. I didn’t take many pics on what began as a rainy SSIP, but I have a few dodgy ones. I wish I had more pics of some of the women’s fashion I encountered and promise I will at the Irish Fest on Saturday up north at the Irish American Heritage Center. One thing I noticed was more women in kilts. Not the sleazy Tilted Kilts kilts (although they have their time and…

Animal Rapist Strikes Again

Posted on March 9, 2013

Animal stories were the big headlines for the two major news sites serving the Chicago suburb of Northwest Indiana. One was about the discovery of nesting eagles at a local lake. The other…the Indiana animal rapist strikes again. Serial rapist-murderer of animals, I guess you could call Mr. Michael Bessigano. This is a sick story I probably won’t keep on the site very long, but think others should know about. It hasn’t been reported widely, and its news I’m surprised has yet to make U.K.’s Daily Mail Online – which seems to thrive on this sort of thing. The gory details are in the stories – I’ll highlight a few here – but the main reason I’m intrigued by this disgust is the final…

The Clams U.K.

Posted on March 3, 2013

The Clams U.K. were a Chicago rock-cover band in the 90s and early 2000s. Someone once described them as the kind of cover band that when you were at their show, didn’t seem like a typical cover band and made the songs their own. They played most of their gigs at Weeds, a terrific dive bar led by the legendary Sergio, whose painted wooden bust greets patrons when they walk in the door. The Clams U.K. had connections with Chicago’s music scene. In fact, former Veruca Salt drummer Jim Shapiro sat in with them a few times. Other musicians were often in attendance at a Clams U.K. show, including Shapiro’s sister and Veruca Salt co-founder Nina Gordon. As far as I know the Clams…