Remember that scene at the end of Lost in Translation when Bill Murray whispered something mysterious in Scarlett Johansson’s ear? I know what he told her on that Tokyo street.

“Sell ad space on your legs.”

Apparently over 1,000 Japanese girls have registered their legs as ad space. Quite the marketing strategy. The girls wear short skirts or short shorts and have an ad stamped on their thigh right above the knee. Kind of a “Look – definitely look, but don’t touch.” They wear this ad for about eight hours and get paid. So ladies, if you don’t like guys (or girls) staring at your legs, at least you can get paid for it. The girls have to post pics of themselves wearing the leg ads on their social media networks in order to get paid.

Japanese leg ads

jp 3

jp 2

Here’s what I’m thinking. I need to get this going for The Dodgy. I’m inviting any females to do something like this for me. I don’t have any specific logo or ad in mind, but you can just simply write “The Dodgy” above your knee. A little color would be nice – say green, or green and orange (Irish flag), or the UK flag colors. Whatever. Just get the Sharpie out and go to work. And you don’t even have to wear it all day. Put it on, take a pic, wipe it off. I’m not sure what I can offer you except a little pub and my adoring love. I’ll applaud you from afar, certainly. You tell me how to return the favor. Either way The Dodgy will try to get this going with a few gal pals and see where it goes from there.

Japanese Girls with ads on their legs