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A New Chicago Brew Crew

Posted on March 27, 2014

The Dodgy got an update from Jeremiah Zimmer of South Loop Brewing Company on the new brewery. We also discuss craft beer, craft beer fashion, and craft beer women. What’s the update on South Loop Brewing Company and its location? I can’t provide specifics until the deal with our friend/partner brewer is signed and formalized, but we will be utilizing the alternating proprietorship approach to get started. We’ll use this arrangement to brew and package our beers for up to a year before we set permanent roots down in the South Loop proper with our own brewhouse, taproom, etc. That said, should the perfect space and terms present themselves, we would definitely pursue and begin that process. Are any of your beers available now?…

Coming Soon: An Interview with Nichole Bloom, who plays Amanda on “Shameless”

Posted on March 23, 2014

The Interview is up! Please click on Being “Shameless” with Nichole Bloom or go to the home page.  With each passing episode on what has been the highest rated season of Shameless many viewers are growing more curious about the actress who plays Amanda – Lip’s college roommate’s (former) girlfriend. Amanda – who was originally disgusted by Lip. Amanda – a book smart who knows her way around a beer bong. Amanda – who has this thing about sex, can babysit in a pinch, and is the go-to girl for making and laminating your daily schedule, not to mention tagging your name on the dorm mini-fridge. The Dodgy’s next interview is a fun one with actress Nichole Bloom who talks about playing Amanda and how the…

The Serbian Girl with Green Socks

Posted on March 17, 2014

The girls at my junior high swooned over the athletic boys in their uniforms. The Serbian girl with green socks thought I looked hot in my altar boy vestments. I really just wanted peace and quiet serving as an altar boy my 8th grade year at a Chicago coed Catholic school. But Anka wasn’t about to let that happen. She was a transfer to our school that year and although I didn’t have any classes with her we exchanged glances in the hall a few times. She didn’t look like the rest of the girls but was more attractive than most. I stopped looking at her in the hall because she started giving me dirty looks. I never talked to her until St. Patrick’s…