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Aidan Reviews Cibo Matto’s Chicago Concert

Posted on March 9, 2014

About a year or so ago Aidan and I attended the Cibo Matto concert at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. On Thursday the girls were back and this time in support of their long-awaited new album Hotel Valentine. At the last minute I was unable to attend. But Aidan still went and this his review of the overall experience. Aidan: First of all, you know Cibo Matto has a song on the new record called “Deja Vu.” Well I experienced a bit of Deja Vu as I was walking in the concert when I saw the same cigarette-smoking girl outside the theater as the last time we saw Cibo Matto. Only this time she didn’t ask me what my problem was. Me: I think Deja Vu…

The Death of Anne Hathaway’s Hair

Posted on March 4, 2014

The first words out of my mouth when Anne Hathaway walked onstage at the Oscars were “Jesus Christ.” I think it’s appropriate because Anne Hathaway’s hair is dead. I knew her hair was dying, for almost two years now, since she chopped it off for Les Miserables. Which is French for “My hair is miserable.” But I know it was official when I saw her standing side-by-side by Jared Leto. Who is prettier? How cool would it be if Anne’s hair was as long as Jared’s. Anne cut her hair in what, 2012? Does it really take that long to grow back? Is she cutting it again? Sandra Bullock didn’t cut her hair for Gravity.  She wore a short wig and it was back to its beautiful…

I Liked Her Shoes, He Loved Her Feet

Posted on March 1, 2014

There’s something about a skinny brunette wearing clunky black shoes. I liked Jenny’s shoes. I told her so as we sat on the front steps of the therapeutic day school for at-risk students we worked at in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We were on a break and playing that game where you each pick out someone and ask the other” “Would you sleep with him/her?” Any girl Jenny picked that looked like her was always a yes. And being we were near the campus of DePaul University, there were a lot. Shoulder-length curly black hair, pale face, slim not-so-athletic body and imperfect nose. And clunky black shoes. I liked Jenny’s shoes. When Jenny and I went back inside we met the person who loved…