Laura Harrison has been busy. The actress just wrapped up filming 10 half-hour episodes of the new original comedy “Sing It!” for Youtube Red and Mandeville Films.

She’s nominated for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for the Funny or Die series “Crystal’s Balls.” The LaWebFest, the largest web series in the world, will be held at Warner Bros. Studios in April.


She’s on a symphony tour with her hubby Keith Harrison and Jason Alexander – you know, of “Seinfeld” fame.

And if that isn’t enough, Laura and Keith’s new band, The Giggle Gems, is releasing their debut EP Emerald this spring.  Their debut single, the catchy “Lucky Squirrels” has been getting rave reviews. And it comes with a kick-ass squirrel puppet music video. The Community on BuzzFeed said it might be the “greatest love story ever told.”

The Dodgy interviewed Laura about all this and more and the full interview is coming this week!