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City Babes

Posted on April 25, 2014

Cora Benesh and Jillian Leigh co-star in the new film City Baby. Produced by Benesh, who co-wrote it with director David Morgan, City Baby follows Cloey (Benesh) and her friend Paige (Leigh) during a summer in Portland when both twenty-somethings face life-changing decisions. The film is now available on VOD and iTunes. The Dodgy spoke with Cora and Jillian about the film, guys, beer, dates, what kind of band they would be and more.  What made you want to do City Baby? Cora: Morgan and I met and wanted to work on a project together. We both had a few unfinished scripts but writing this one together seemed to make the most sense. We also love Portland and wanted to showcase the city the way…

A New Chicago Brew Crew

Posted on March 27, 2014

The Dodgy got an update from Jeremiah Zimmer of South Loop Brewing Company on the new brewery. We also discuss craft beer, craft beer fashion, and craft beer women. What’s the update on South Loop Brewing Company and its location? I can’t provide specifics until the deal with our friend/partner brewer is signed and formalized, but we will be utilizing the alternating proprietorship approach to get started. We’ll use this arrangement to brew and package our beers for up to a year before we set permanent roots down in the South Loop proper with our own brewhouse, taproom, etc. That said, should the perfect space and terms present themselves, we would definitely pursue and begin that process. Are any of your beers available now?…

The Death of Anne Hathaway’s Hair

Posted on March 4, 2014

The first words out of my mouth when Anne Hathaway walked onstage at the Oscars were “Jesus Christ.” I think it’s appropriate because Anne Hathaway’s hair is dead. I knew her hair was dying, for almost two years now, since she chopped it off for Les Miserables. Which is French for “My hair is miserable.” But I know it was official when I saw her standing side-by-side by Jared Leto. Who is prettier? How cool would it be if Anne’s hair was as long as Jared’s. Anne cut her hair in what, 2012? Does it really take that long to grow back? Is she cutting it again? Sandra Bullock didn’t cut her hair for Gravity.  She wore a short wig and it was back to its beautiful…