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I Liked Her Shoes, He Loved Her Feet

Posted on March 1, 2014

There’s something about a skinny brunette wearing clunky black shoes. I liked Jenny’s shoes. I told her so as we sat on the front steps of the therapeutic day school for at-risk students we worked at in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We were on a break and playing that game where you each pick out someone and ask the other” “Would you sleep with him/her?” Any girl Jenny picked that looked like her was always a yes. And being we were near the campus of DePaul University, there were a lot. Shoulder-length curly black hair, pale face, slim not-so-athletic body and imperfect nose. And clunky black shoes. I liked Jenny’s shoes. When Jenny and I went back inside we met the person who loved…

Aidan Reviews Auto Show Fashion

Posted on February 16, 2014

Auto Show employee: I bet you plan to take some cool pics of cars. Aidan: I bet not. And so began Aidan’s visit to the Chicago Auto Show. Aidan’s camera focused mainly on the fashion of the show. Unlike many visitors, especially males, Aidan doesn’t get a hard on for engine blocks. So in a timely nod to New York’s Fashion Week. Let’s get started. And remember, Aidan thinks “couture” is a disease you get in France. This first pic just reminds me of better things to come to McCormick Place. And that would be this April for C2E2 (Chicago’s Comic Con). This gal broke into an impromptu dance. I love her hair. I had to include that guy’s reaction. The music around the…

The Dublin Sweatshirt

Posted on February 1, 2014

Once in awhile we like to showcase a little Dodgy fashion along with everything else. And in light of the recent “Bringing Aibreann back from Ireland” essay, I thought it was an appropriate time for this. A Dublin sweatshirt I found in a resale shop. I paid only a few bucks for this thing. It’s warm. I also decided to showcase it in yet another blast of winter in Chicago. Cheers.